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I rolled my eyes as he loudly declared the turgidity of his penis, suddenly wondering how I was going to explain to my friends that I'd hooked up with someone whose favorite movie was After this relationship ended, I started hating Zooey Deschanel for other reasons as well.I hated her Hanes cotton ads, where she preened in front of a mirror while her pigeon-like warbling played in the background.Would Zooey Deschanel have sex after eating a bucket of chicken wings? Would she be self-conscious about the way her stomach looked while she was on top?

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Sometimes, it seemed like guys were disappointed that being with me fell short of their expectations, because I didn't make them want to go bungee-jumping or sing Hall and Oates songs.Of course, no one could ever worship me for my uniqueness as much as Joseph Gordon-Levitt worshiped Zooey for hers, so these guys fell short of my expectations as well.As a semi-quirky, semi-hip twenty-something white girl, I am contractually obligated to sleep with these men.Unfortunately, while they are my type, I am not theirs.By wearing mouse ears in public, or leaving little notes in books I lent to guys I was interested in, or going out in thunderstorms and dancing in the rain, I was sure that I would prove irresistibly sexy to guys who were attracted to my random arsenal of quirks.

Of course, any sane person could have predicted that this would fail spectacularly; instead of finding me quirky and adorkable, most guys thought I was bizarre and off-putting.Zooey Deschanel led me to believe that guys would want to go out with me if I dressed like a menopausal librarian, when I probably would've gotten laid more if I'd followed my instincts and dressed like a total slut.And Zooey Deschanel was responsible for my anxiety when I started dating my current boyfriend, whom I liked so much that I didn't want him to think of me as anything other than a Dream Girl, Manic Pixie or otherwise.In my experience, the guys who love Zooey Deschanel see their girlfriends as placeholders for the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope (MPDG).Due to her offbeat personality and her unabashed lust for life, the MPDG is usually an adorable cipher, a saucer-eyed gamine whose quirky hipness and hip quirkiness make men want to change their lives for the better.The first time I came to this realization, I was watching .