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For the rest of the week, we will be covering some big-name titles that fit inside a specific budget for you all to enjoy. Tomorrow, we'll handle the Sony platform, and Friday will be Nintendo's big day.We will also release the full article on Friday as sort of a reference guide for those of you with multiple systems.I chose a Gallente, since they’re broadly the most fetching of EVE’s bloodlines.

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I will interlink the articles after they have all gone live so you all can navigate between the pages. If you are anything like me, very rarely are you the kind of the person willing to, say, rush out to the midnight launch of a game to spend that / to get the newest game on the block.Rather, I like to wait until months later when the game has dropped at least below half-off mark to make that dive. Finding love is probably a bit strong – really the short term objective is to meet interesting, single people of the appropriate gender and age. Not many girls play videogames, which makes them an incredibly efficient social filter: you instantly cut out the majority of girls who have little interest in games and would only get sick of you talking about them all the time. Since my existing EVE characters were all startlingly attractive women, and that might attract the wrong crowd, I decided to create a new one.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could love a woman who didn’t, just a little bit, somewhere deep down, want to be a spaceship.An intriguingly blue-lipsticked woman was mining Veldspar ore from the asteroids of Duripant I – Belt I. Quickly we get into a debate about converting in-game currency into real money to pay the subscription fee, which I end with “And it takes money to make more money, so selling your in-game currency on a regular basis seriously impairs your profitability. Picturing this salvo of facial responses was confusing, but I think the overall impression is positive.I locked onto Ms Kasteen Hawkeye and set my ship to ‘Approach’. As I confidently crossed the asteroid belt to her, I selected ‘Capture Portrait’ on her profile, which saves an image of the character. Her mining laser sipped at a classy Scordite, mine the more basic Veldspar. I’d assumed this question would be the most problematic, both to ask without seeming sleazy and to get a positive response to, but Kasteen evidently thought little of it. In retrospect, it’s a much more sleazy thing to ask than a person’s real-life gender.He had sensible hair, his implants weren’t showing and he was pictured against a skulless bachelor pad wall – I considered him a success.I headed straight to the local asteroid belt to pick up chicks.Nowadays, that moment seems to be happening a lot sooner even for the best titles -- even titles like Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII dropped to "budget" status rather quickly after everyone who was planning on picking up a copy already did.