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Game Spot's review scored it an 8/10."While many fixate on breaking the Batman, Telltale wants to bring down Bruce Wayne, and it demonstrates an understanding that people and relationships are the key to this," reviewer Tamoor Hussain said.

Also, decisions you make as Bruce will have a “critical impact” on what happens when in costume, and the same is true in reverse.

You’ll also get the choice in various situations whether to appear as Bruce or Batman, “with consequences for both sides”.

10 new episodes have been greenlit, after the first half of season one posted good ratings and became the subject of much online discussion.

"We’re thrilled that the saga of Westworld will continue for another season,” co-creators/showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said in a statement.

Kassouf's loud-talking style at the table garnered some controversy and got under the skin of several players along the way including Stacey Matuson and even Benger at points.

ET on Sunday with the exception of episodes 4-5, which will air consecutively on Sunday and Monday, Sept. It will be particularly interesting to see how Kassouf is portrayed on ESPN.There’s been no shortage of Batman games, with LEGO fans most recently having LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham to sink their gaming teeth into.(There’s also a Lego Batman movie coming out next year.) If the Wiki page for Telltale Batman is to be believed, the second episode's plot will go something like this: Like other Telltale games, the new Batman Series will focus as much on Bruce Wayne as Batman.Release dates for other platforms will be announced later this month, Telltale said in a blog post.Telltale also announced that it's doing something cool related to Children of Arkham this weekend. K.’s William Kassouf and former Counter-Strike pro Griffin "Sha Guar" Benger.