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Supporting contributions are also welcomed for those not able to attend.

To view details on the 2015 Date Auction, click here.

The Women’s League of Hartsville will host its 30th annual fundraising auction on Saturday at 7 p.m. Two local non-profit organizations will benefit from the auction, a major fundraiser of the Women’s League.

For a really nice touch, see if a local limo company is willing to donate a few hours with a limo and driver to take the couple out in style.

Have the bachelors and bachelorettes choose the package they want so the person bidding on them has an idea of that person’s interests, and will know whether that’s how they want to spend an evening.

One way to really ramp up community involvement is to include single local celebrities like news anchors or radio hosts.

Ask them if they’re willing to participate to help out a good cause.

While the focus should remain on the fundraising aspect of the auction, the nature of it does require some special considerations.

You’ll be sending two people out on a date, and while it may start out as something done for charity, who knows?By the end of the evening, your group may be responsible for bringing two people together who might not have otherwise met. Bachelors and bachelorettes will need to be present on stage while the bidding is taking place so bidders can see who they’re bidding on.It’s also optimal for the location to have a PA system with a microphone so the auctioneer can keep things running smoothly and tell the bidders about the bachelors and bachelorettes taking part.The worst they can do is say no, and who hasn’t been turned down at least once when asking someone for a date?Before the auction begins, hand out lists of the available bachelors and bachelorettes with short bios and descriptions of the date they’ll be taking the bidder on.Thank you for making the 2015 Arlington Young Democrats Charity Date Auction a record-breaking success!