Women dating clubs in kenya

Ruiru is an old club dating from 1921 going by the records hanging on the walls.

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Lots of young beautiful well educated career ladies in Kenya cannot get quality men to marry them.

I’m told Nigerians and Mzungus are filling the void, but they are not enough and are hard to get.

One simple solution is to reverse the roles and let Kenyan women pay dowry for men.

Once men realise that, they will upgrade themselves through education, personal hygiene, avoid crime, and be responsible. We could find more boys schools coming up and more responsible men in the marriage market.

Our ladies react by saying we are not romantic, we are old fashioned and we are not oxygen.

But the truth is that the supply and demand of quality men does not match. Remember to be as descriptive as possible and tell the world the kind of lady you are looking for.Most people who post here get hooked up within 24hours. Interested in dating older women who are into younger men? Our free personal classifieds help you to quickly meet interested women in Nairobi and all over the country. You will be surprised by the huge number of women in Kenya who are interested in dating younger men. Remember to also add your own description and also a cute photo to your profile.Thursday is club night at Ruiru Golf Club, situated along Thika superhighway.