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There were a few changes across the world since last year, so we have released an update You can download the free application from here: Daylight Saving Fix Download You can use Network Administrator to deploy it across your network, since it has the updated settings too: You can download it from here: Network Administrator Download Post from 2007 Continues below: You may have forgotten by now, but two years ago the US government changed the dates for daylight saving time.

When the law was passed it was set to take effect in 2007. It is 2007, and Microsoft has published updates for XP, and 2003.

Also we have updated the free patch More info about it here Update 2/12/2007 AM EST – We want to also remind you that Outlook, Exchange and Java have their own issues. Please see these links for more info on fixing those issues: Update for 2009: We have updated our free DST patch for Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP.

This control is useful if there could be a combination of appointments (i.e., some had the time zone change, some did not) of appointments.

Suppose a user has appointments in the delta time zone (let's call them A and B).

Appointments might have been made during the delta time (i.e., previously not DST but is now) and therefore need to be updated.

Two options are available: a client-side utility that each user can run is available from , or a version that can be run on the Exchange server to update multiple mailboxes at once is available from

Any appointment that falls within the DST question period should be confirmed just to be sure! When we had a DST change here in Australia last year for the Commonwealth Games, the Microsoft tools for adjusting appointments in Outlook weren't available, so many organisations just had to live with time zone discrepencies during the extended DST period.

It's the Win2k bug all over again :) Frankly, I'm surprised that that a policy that was passed 1.5 years ago is only now being included in Windows Updates from Microsoft....we all have to hurry to get this patch deployed before employees everywhere turn up to meetings a few hours late.The other challenge relates to Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook.Exchange requires an update for calendaring via Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), which are used by Outlook Web Access (OWA).You should also advise users to update their home computers to avoid appointments being created at home without the DST update.Users that run the tool themselves have more control and can select which appointments to update.The user then applies the OS DST update and creates another appointment in the delta time period called C (this is set with the correct time since the OS has the update). Now the user runs the Outlook DST update tool, which will attempt to update A, B, and C because it has no way to tell which appointments were created with the DST update applied; obviously changing C would incorrectly modify it's time.