Why am i so picky when it comes to dating

And, since we were both picky about finding someone with strong faith and values, we both feel totally comfortable with one another and any conversation that comes up on any topic.Our shared faith also enriches every aspect of our lives - how we relate to each other, how we spend our time and money, the friends who are closest to us, etc. When the right guy comes along, the dates, slow dancing, chaste physical affection and everything you've been waiting for will be more worth it than you can imagine...you'll have to just trust me (and God) on this point.

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Dating someone on the same page as you morally and spiritually, I believe, is essential for you to easily be your authentic self.

If you are constantly put in situations that could be morally compromising or just make you uncomfortable, you, first of all, may not enjoy yourself.

I just want some third party opinions on this to get an outside view on this.

I'm a 23-year-old female who is completely happy with every aspect of her life except the fact that I cannot seem to find a good guy or even a good date. Dear High Expectations, First of all, thank you for writing.

So here's my list, let me know if you think this list makes me picky. -Taller than me (I'm 5'5'' - So Anyone at least a couple inches taller is good to go for me, I don't need 6 ft or anything)-Non-smoker (Very important - huge deal breaker)-In Shape/Takes care of himself (I'm not saying hugely buff or a 6 pack here - I just want someone that generally is in Shape and looks like they put even a bit of effort into taking care of themselves, because I work hard to make that effort on my end)-Hair on their head, but little to no beard/moustache (not that their not good looking or anything - just a personal preference)-Generally liberal/tolerant views (no anti-gay, racist, misogyny, pro-life, etc)-Not a player or "Fuckboy", actually looking for a monogamous relationship-Will not make me partake in outdoorsy or sports-like activities (just won't happen, I'm not that girl)-Likes animals (For their sake, mostly.

I have 2 dogs, a cat and a bird - if they don't like animals they'd probably suffer at my place)-Get along well, easy to talk together Thanks for the help everyone!

Marriage can be rough; as you know, divorce is all too prevalent in our world.

In addition to a strong spiritual connection, there also needs to be a strong physical, emotional and intellectual attraction.

I needed to give guys, of strong faith especially, a second or third date if there was any potential - I wasn't always good at doing this.

I could be picky about appearances and common interests or personalities.

Michael and I have our differences and there are things I had to "let go of" in marrying Michael - he doesn't like basketball and football like I do, he's not a handy man, he doesn't swim or swing dance, although he took lessons for both before we married ;). I'm glad I wasn't too picky about that stuff but held out for a man of strong faith who is crazy about me and I am crazy about him. Trusting in Him was the best thing I have ever done and He hasn't let me down yet, nor will He ever.