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Lisea and Tré divorced the following year and Lisea moved with Ramona to New York. Tré Cool is also the godfather of Armstrong's two children, Joseph and Jakob.

Tré Cool and Suarez divorced in 2003 and Claudia has primary custody of their son Frankito.

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So, although we wanted him to do all of his wild fills and crazy drumming, we couldn’t just let him go. "All by Myself", from Kerplunk and Dookie, respectively, both of which he wrote and composed (on "Dominated Love Slave", guitarist and vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong played drums).He’d drift in and out of time, which is terrific live, but which was unacceptable on radio at that time." Tré Cool sang and played guitar on the tracks "Dominated Love Slave" and the hidden song on F. He wrote and sang the subtrack "Rock and Roll Girlfriend" from the medley "Homecoming" featured on the album American Idiot.In January 2013 they attended the screening of Cuatro together at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.Before joining Green Day, Tré Cool employed a more intricate drumming style.But when it does, you just say, 'Wow that's so cool.'" In 1998, after Green Day won a "Moon Man" Trophy at the MTV Music Awards, Tré Cool famously climbed on the Universal Globe at Universal Studios.

Tré Cool is one of the two only people to ever do this, the other person being Jai Brooks.

During this time the band considered breaking up because it took a long time to adjust to playing with Tré Cool.

Tré Cool's father was supportive and overhauled a bookmobile to transport the band.

He also sang and composed the track "DUI" ("Driving Under the Influence"), which was recorded for Green Day's fifth studio album Nimrod (1997) and was due to be released on the compilation album Shenanigans in 2002, but was omitted and can only be found online.

During a radio interview at Washington DC's alternative station DC 101, Tré Cool sang and played acoustic guitar on a short song entitled "Like a Rat Does Cheese," a song about the pleasure of fellatio.

Tré Cool was the first member of Green Day to become a father on January 12, 1995 with the birth of his daughter Ramona Isabel.