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(For anyone confused by this, I use "queer" to mean those who are nonconformist with respect to the realms of sexual activity, family structure, and gender performance.I use "straight" to mean those who are conformist in these realms.

In any case, many people would just assume I am a lesbian, and if they met my boyfriend, revert to assuming I'm hetero.So, I call my boyfriend my boyfriend, and allow others to assume I am hetero, and straight.) I don't purport to have many of those answers at this time, so this response is probably quite disappointing, nk.But part of my job, and the job of my students and colleagues, is to always think critically about how the law answers those questions.I have no deep observations or responses to offer, only a bunch of questions.

I was curious about your description of your definitions of "straight/queer" and "hetero/LGB." Granting your suggestion that one does not map onto the other, is it your sense that one can be LGB and "straight," in the sense of conformist with respect to sex, family, and gender construction?

They have the good sense to know that racism, sexism, and even benign cultural differences produce a variety of experiences and perspectives that are often relevant and interesting.

They would similarly care to know, I think, that I have been discriminated against and harassed because of my sexual orientation.

But given the false distinction between inaction and action, this makes me feel as if I'm closeting myself.

On the other hand, I never feel as if I can be very indignant about this.

I chose to date a man, and we are currently monogamous, so at the end of the day, my life is a whole lot easier than it is for many lgb people.