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1 priority, there’s no doubt that his family comes first. He figured if he wasn’t going to be working alongside Uptown Records founder, Andre Harrell, then he would work for himself and be better than the man who inspired him. spent countless hours in the studio and had everything to show for it on August 4, 1994 when Wallace released his debut album, All About the Benjamins While Sean Combs will never be forgotten as the intern from Uptown Records, he started his fast track to fame in 1992.From his eldest son, Justin, who’s now playing football at UCLA to his twin daughters posing for magazine covers alongside their mother, Sean Combs has plenty to be thankful for. made his mainstream debut on Mack’s chart-topping single, “Flava in Ya Ear (Remix).” The two were signed under Puff’s Bad Boy Records (formerly Bad Boy Entertainment). Just after signing the man properly known as Christopher Wallace, Combs landed the NY MC a spot on the soundtrack in 1993 with Biggie’s now classic hit, “Party and Bulls***.” Over the course of the next year, Puffy and the Notorious B. So fast-forward 20-plus years, and the man with endless industry nicknames sits as one of the biggest music moguls in history.

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When it comes to Puffy and his family, just press play! He may not be the people’s champ, but he’s certainly about his business.The Famous Photo The pairing of famed rappers, Craig Mack and the Notorious B. G., was curated by none other than Sean “Puffy” Combs. All He Needed In a time when money, jewelry, women and liquor seemingly meant everything to the music world, it was still possible to find yourself lonely at the top.And now, on the brink of their seventh birthday, there’s no telling what Hollywood may have in store for Daddy’s little girls, but the public is guaranteed to see it all.Modeling With Mom D’Lila and Jessie quickly followed in the footsteps of their mother as soon as their toddlerhood set in.Chatter filled the media rumor mill as fans, journalists and bloggers alike speculated about Cassie’s possible relationship with the Bad Boy Records CEO.

From red carpets to birthday parties, the two have been spotted together around the world, but until last year they never commented on their status or feelings for one another.But that all changed when the two turned to Twitter to confess their love.In late September of last year, the New York-bred mogul logged in under his Twitter handle, @iamdiddy, and posted a picture of the exotic model and said, “I’m a very lucky man #knowthat.” The 26-year-old beauty responded to the public display of affection by logging onto Instagram and posting a picture of her million-dollar-boyfriend on a jetski with a text that read, “” While the Filipino-Mexican-African-American model/actress continues to grow her career as an entertainer, both on screen and on stage, she is absolutely loving the man standing beside her through it all.They may have barely been able to walk, but posing for the camera was nothing less than second nature.Sisterly Love In 2007, Sean Combs took legal responsibility for his Chance, his daughter with longtime mistress, Sarah Chapman.So when it came to Justin’s 16th birthday, there was no shortage of out-of-the-box celebration tactics.