Who is journalist liz jones dating

Far from championing the rights of disabled people, she is actually jeopardising them by her actions.

I have written to Liz Jones on two occasions previously, asking her to stop saying she has a Hearing Dog, and I have invited her to visit our training headquarters in Buckinghamshire so she can see the skills we have developed over 32 years, the dedication of our 160 staff and the kindness of our 1700 volunteers. I would hope that Liz Jones and the Mail on Sunday would not want to force a charity that is funded entirely by donations from the public into a position where we have to pay for expensive legal advice to pursue this matter further. Inca’s alerting to my fire alarm is very different to how Liz describes it – she nudges me and lays flat on the floor – the commotion that Liz describes wouldn’t be right – when a danger sound sounds you are wanting calm not chaos!

She did not understand what was going on and was making things up in a sensationalist manner to help sell copies of that rag.

Disabled people can then be refused entry to public places with their Assistance Dogs, which is wholly distressing for a disabled person when confronted with such a refusal, as well as being illegal.

But it would appear Liz Jones fails to comprehend the damaging consequences of her irresponsible journalism.

We also work with the other UK Assistance Dog charities – Dogs for the Disabled, Canine Partners, Support Dogs, Medical Detection Dogs and Dog AID, all of whom employ experts who work incredibly hard to train dogs to a very high standard to help disabled people.

It is this very high standard of training and qualification that the hospitality and leisure industry, and the Institute of Public Health, recognises and therefore allows disabled people access to public places with their Assistance Dogs, where pet dogs would simply not be permitted.

To then publish a picture of a genuine Hearing Dog alongside, that was also an ambassador for the Charity, and that has had nothing to do with Liz Jones, is misrepresentation.

Liz Jones may have four pet dogs that she considers are trained to assist with her hearing loss.

That is just one of the examples why our assistance dogs are uniquely trained – so much thought has gone into the long process.

Another thing to consider here is that the jackets are awarded – only dogs trained by the organisation are given Hearing Dog jackets.

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We have no evidence of Liz Jones even applying for a Hearing Dog.