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(2002) – Winner of five Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Madonna, who also won Worst Supporting Actress for another film), Worst Screen Couple (Madonna and Adriano Giannini), Worst Remake, and Worst Director.

Trudie, in case you don’t know, is the wife of iconic rock star Sting.She decided to invest, her husband agreed to a supporting role, and the production was off and running. (1998) – Eddie (Nick Moran) is a wizard when it comes to cards, especially the UK game known as three card brag. Luckily, he’s got three pals who are willing to help stake him: con-man Bacon (Jason Statham), chef Soap (Dexter Fletcher), and buyer and seller of stolen goods Tom (Jason Flemyng).These can either be purchased from Amazon or rented from Netflix, and we do get a small commission if you choose the latter option.That money goes right back into our site, allowing us to keep bringing you more articles like the one above.Downey’s accent falters at times, but he otherwise provides an entertaining portrait of a genius who’s only happy when pushed to the limits of his ability.

Law is the real star of the show, a far cry from the previous depictions of Watson as a comical bumbler.Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones were first introduced to international audiences, and their charisma gives the film a major boost.But the rest of the supporting cast isn’t anything to sneeze at, and the same can be said of Ritchie’s rough-and-tumble script and visually distinctive directing.But what One-Two doesn’t know is that the money he and his cohorts are stealing is Lenny’s to begin with, which leads them on a madcap journey to return the loot and save their collective hides.Thandie Newton co-stars as a treacherous accountant; Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Jeremy Piven are a pair of record producers; Idris Elba is One-Two’s partner in crime; Mark Strong is Lenny’s right hand man; and Toby Kebbell is Johnny Quid, crack-addicted rock star who also happens to be Lenny’s son.This entry was posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011 at pm and is filed under Good Movies, Thoughts on Film.