Ways to a positive dating relationships

Making such a presumption distances yourself from who your partner truly is, denies him the opportunity for expression and diminishes intimacy.

Arceneaux, who holds a Master of Arts degree, currently focuses on the topics of health and wellness, lifestyle, family and pets.Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day you celebrate your love.One of the four variables these couples identified as being most important to their marriage was a sense of humor.“There are many ways to share fun and laughter, and doing it on a regular basis is essential to support love and stability in any relationship,” Parker says.Not only does this help establish common ground in your relationship, but it can also give the two of you a sense of working together on something larger than yourselves.

You and your partner might choose to spend time together volunteering, participating in religious or spiritual activities, working to improve your community or simply taking time to reaffirm a mutual value system.Parker adds that while this may sound obvious and straightforward, think about how often we let ourselves get distracted from truly paying attention.“Without engaged presence,” she says, “relationships quickly wither.” While we might have fallen in love with our partners because of their positive traits and qualities, everyday stresses and anxieties can make it far too easy for us to focus only on the negative.It advises, for example, to pay attention as your partner speaks, ask questions until you understand, let your partner know that you understand and show support by expressing affection both physically and verbally.When disagreements occur between you and your partner, don’t commit yourself so fully to the idea that you’re the one who’s right that you lose sight of what’s really important.A little caring touch goes a long way.” “Sharing fun and laughter is absolutely critical to keeping relationships alive,” says wellness counselor Anne Parker.