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He and Moore were married in 1962 and divorced in 1981.“I am deeply saddened to learn that my former husband and professional mentor Grant Tinker has passed away,” Moore said in a statement.His film film, Shivers, we see a visibly horny homosexual couple in speedos.

There's no hope for some if it was genuine.[italic]I can attest to the fact that Viggo is 100% a manly man's man.[/italic][italic]Neither of which is relevant to discussions of whether he's gay/bi or str8, you pig.[/italic]Before you start calling people "pigs" maybe you should look at the signature of that post : "O. It's a joke OK, a long running joke on DL going back to the days of the Prancing Pony. Maybe even helped break up her and John Doe..."Involved? According to Wikipedia, she divorced John Doe in '85, met Viggo in '86, married him in '87, separated from him in '92 and finally divorced him in '97.

Actress Mary Tyler Moore has paid tribute to her former husband, Grant Tinker, who founded the MTM Enterprises production company behind Moore’s groundbreaking CBS comedy “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Tinker died Monday at the age of 90.

As I understand the director was NOT Cronenberg though. I love Viggo, he's one of the few males that seem absolutely selfless in a way that's attractive to women and men. If he was bi or gay I don't think he's closert for closet's sake, but ust because he'd think it was no fucker else's business.

He's flirted with women and men openly and not cared what people thought about him. Didn't he originally come out of the LA Punk-rock scene?

Viggo is American and Davis is Canadian, and that isn't typical behavior for either country.

There are some rumors Viggo is into the homosex based on blind items and his one-time relationship with Orlando Bloom but whether true...he's intensely private so who knows. Click here to read an interview with Viggo about his role.Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen filmed at the Acropolis together today in Athens, Greece.Didn't Cronenberg and his wife get naked together on the set of A History of Violence and act out how they wanted Viggo and Mario Bello to act out their scene? see: Please someone explain the atttraction to Viggo.Once he took off his make-up and hair from LOTR, her looked like a strange little man to me.Off screen, Kirsten is still dating her costar from that film, Garrett Hedlund.