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Forest products are difficult to trace because, a finished product might include different types of trees, and many products can come from the same tree (Figure 4 above).

It is easier to establish traceability for solid wood products than for paper-based products.

Solid wood, engineered wood, and paper-based products are manufactured using different technologies, but they may all come from the same forest or even the same tree.

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Ten Chapters and their associated overview – the list can be used as a checklist and as a tool for understanding what it is and why it matters; Forests play a critical role for the global environment, population, and economy.

The forest-based sector employs 13.7 million workers, with a commercial output of about 1 percent of the global GDP.

It can help reduce reputation risks and, ultimately, help secure sustainable supplies (Kennard, 2006).

Sustainable procurement can also be used to align companies with their stakeholders' values and make organizations along the supply chain (from forest owners and producers to retailers) more resilient to changing business conditions.

An estimated 500 million people depend on forests for their livelihoods, while hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on them for fiber and raw materials.

But with deforestation causing ecosystem losses valued at about US$ 2-5 trillion annually, businesses and citizens must take action now in order to maintain forests for the future.

In other instances, only the most valuable portions of the best trees are used.

Raw tropical hardwoods are often produced under these circumstances.

Sustainably produced wood and paper-based goods can be a wise choice compared to other materials, because: The purpose of this Guide and resource kit is to assist sustainability officers and business procurement managers, especially major purchasers of wood and paper-based products that do not have 'in house' forest and forestry expertise.

It identifies and reviews central issues, and highlights tools that can be used to assist sustainable procurement.

Paper products are manufactured in pulp mills that typically draw wood from many sources.