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Missouri honors permits from the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Missouri is a castle doctrine state with a “stand-your-ground” law.

Illinois Frank Sinatra probably wouldn't consider Chicago "His Kind of Town" if he knew about this state law.

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The state enacted a castle law in 2007 that removed the duty to retreat for persons who are attacked within their home or vehicle.

The new law justifies the use of deadly force when victims reasonably believe their lives to be in danger, and provides them immunity from civil and criminal action. Additionally, anyone over the age of 21 is permitted to carry a handgun concealed in the glove compartment of their vehicle. License or permit required to purchase guns: None Registration of guns: None.

That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or when lawfully summoned in aid of the civil power, shall not be questioned; but this shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons.’’Missouri is a “shall-issue” state, meaning concealed carry permits must be issued to all qualified applicants.

Permits are issued by local sheriff’s departments within 45 days.

Here are 16 states where you can get cheaters fined and even locked up.1.

Arizona Getting it on with someone other than your spouse is a Class 3 misdemeanor here, punishable by up to 30 days behind bars.

With an unclear consequence like that, it's not worth it to succumb to temptation.9. Those caught may need to cough up a whopping ,000.

Oh, and the possible three years behind bars doesn't sound fun, either.10.

Kansas"Intercourse or sodomy" with someone other than your spouse is a Class C misdemeanor here, punishable by up to a month in jail and a fine of up to 0.

Remember, Kansas couples: There's no place like home.4.

Minnesota The law for adultery in Minnesota is just as cold as the state itself.