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This allowed her to splurge on seamless shower doors, which make the room feel spacious and luxurious.Sometimes, the simplest update can make a world of difference.

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She opted for an acrylic version which saved her money, looks great, and made the trip up to the second-story bathroom a piece of cake.

If you have a large bathroom to fill, consider borrowing furniture and decor from the rest of the house.

RMR user perri achieved a sleek bathroom for less than 0 with discount purchases and e Bay finds.

Though this bath by RMR user Sharon RPayne exudes glamour, the tiled wall is what first grabs your attention.RMR user shenobie spent less than 0 on a bathroom remodel by purchasing materials that were on sale and selling the bathroom’s old vanity and hardware to recoup some cash.Instead of replacing your bathroom mirror, dress it up by adding decorative molding around the edges to create a custom, high-end look.Light colors create warmth and make the room feel even larger, while simple touches like the black and white tile and delicate chandelier lend a romantic vibe to the space.Look for low-cost substitutes to save cash on your bathroom remodel.RMR user lindseyraedesigns spent nine weeks adding sleek modern flair to her bathroom with new paint, flooring, fixtures and tile.