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With a 3.5mm audio cable splitter (stereo to mono adapter) you can use these interfaces with four switches for more effective i OS Switch Control.

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If you do not understand the wiring, you may find it explained in this section.If the wiring is complicated, tag each wire with a piece of tape as you unhook it.All trademarks and copyright content belong to their respective owners, and are used here under the terms of Fair dealing as defined in the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988."Sky" and the Sky trademarks are owned by Sky plc and Sky International AG.It's not unusual for a switch to be flipped on and off tens of thousands of times before it malfunctions.

When a switch does finally wear out, replacing it is a simple job.The app has also been ported to Windows and OSX as freeware.Switch Box Invaders can be controlled with a single switch connected using Bluetooth, Lightning Port or USB switch interfaces – on Windows and OSX desktops Neurosky Mindwave is supported for eye blink control.By coupling our control solutions with real-time system analysis, predictive maintenance, and remote service capabilities, we deliver end-to-end intelligence that has no equal in the industry.Flowserve switch boxes provide cost-efficient, accurate and reliable position signaling for hazardous locations.Or you may want to replace a simple toggle switch with a dimmer.