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If in doubt, adjust the scores of all the rules to 0.01 and see if they fire off on your daily nonspam." Note: SA 3.0.0 documentation indicates that much of this rule set has been incorporated into that version.

This file is unnecessary with SA 3.0.0 or higher and may downgrade any improvements contributed directly to the standard ruleset.

Sample Results: Masscheck Chineserules GEE Whiz Chinese Ruleset We developed a set of Spam Assassin rules which apply to Simplified Chinese, based on GB2312. Created by: Zhong(Adam) Wang at Submersion Corporation Contact: [email protected] Type: GPL Status: Inactive Available at: (no longer available) More detail: (no longer available) Note : Rules are masschecked by CCERT.

Sample Results: Masscheck Gee Whiz Chinese Ruleset I cleaned up part of GEE Whiz Chinese Ruleset which take forever to run mass-check and run perceptron to rescore the Ruleset Available at: Contact: [email protected] Validation Ruleset This is a tiny set of rules, designed to find MIME errors commonly encountered in mails sent by the bulk mailers used by spammers.

Listed below are several custom rulesets that are available as "drop in" files.

To use these rules, just place the file in /etc/mail/spamassassin (if you use spam D, be sure to restart).

action=list_sa More information: Note: This link is not a file, you will need to save it with a extension.

Please visit the site for information on automatic updating procedure.Please do not use auto-update scripts More information on Jennifer's rules: Results: Masscheck Chickenpox (Version 1.15 2004-02-06) Chickenpox rules are BROKEN for non-English text, they treat all accented characters as non-letters!evilnumbers is a collection of phone numbers, PO boxes and street addresses harvested from spam.These rules are "flat" ie, one entry per rule, which uses more memory than combining multiple entries into one rule.This should not be an issue if you have lots of memory or a lighter mail load.Created by: Matt Yackley Contact: [email protected] Type: Artistic Status: Active Auto-update: Yes - Please try to keep checks down to no more then once every 24 hours Available at: Localized language packs available at the link below.