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Though similar to the Lumia 800, which was never released in the United States, the Lumia 900 has numerous features differentiating it from the 800 in order to better meet the demands of American consumers.

The 900 has a bigger 4.3" (109 mm) display with an RGB stripe pattern compared to the 800's Pen Tile pattern, The Lumia 900 device comes with four Nokia-exclusive applications not included by the default Windows Phone OS: Nokia Drive, a free turn-by-turn navigation system; Nokia Maps; Nokia Music, a free streaming music service and music store; and App Highlights, a service suggesting software based on location and operator.

As of April 2012 it contains the following additional applications: Nokia Transport, a location-aware public transport schedule and navigation application; Creative Studio, a photo editing application; Tune In Radio, a local and global radio streaming application; CNN, a news reader and video viewer for Cable News Network content; WRC Live, an application to follow live timing and media from the FIA WRC series.

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Soon after Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft to produce and market Windows Phone devices in 2011, the company attempted to reach a deal with the major U. After only 10 months of development (a considerably faster pace than normal), the Lumia 900 was unveiled during a Nokia press conference at International CES in January 2012.

However, AT&T demanded a device with support for LTE connectivity—which Windows Phone did not yet support because Microsoft felt it was not a high priority yet. At the same time, Nokia quickly produced prototypes for a new smartphone, the Lumia 900—which would be tailored for the American market and be one of the first Windows Phone devices with support for LTE.

Recently, the Nokia Lumia 920 received a firmware update, version 1308, but instead of bringing some improvements to the Windows Phone 8 flagship model, it has made matters worse.

A thread on Reddit is filled with stories of Nokia Lumia 920 users who have had trouble maintaining a .

For instance look for a cheap 5 inch Upgraded Nokia "XL" forked Nokia/Microsoft Android open source smart phone to to be sold in the USA by Christmas this.

The New Microsoft is after NEW customers Even Android Customers and Microsoft will still keep their Windows smart phone line alive because they can make them themselves.

Just the other day, we explained how i OS 6.1.3, which was sent out to correct a problem with the lock screen, has apparently been the cause of a battery drain on some i Phone variants.

So now it is up to Nokia to quickly send out another update to fix this problem.

Nokia and Rogers Wireless recently have unveiled the Nokia 7510 at Rogers Talk Spot.

The Nokia 7510 is an Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) enabled phone which offers convenient accessibility between cellular and wireless home internet connection to the Canadians.

Therefore folks Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 9 smart phones are Here to stay.