Updating exterior of brick fireplace

I just used a flat head screwdriver to “scratch” it off my grout when I was all done. Any other time I tried to work on it, I looked down and had a little munchkin climbing up my ladder to “help” me.

It was very rewarding to do though and I loved how instant the transformation was. I have no doubt anyone with a little patience and a paint brush would be very successful with this project!

I am brand new to blogging, so being able to introduce myself to you here and show you something I love is so exciting to me!

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The company is located in the UK, but does ship to the US. I bought three kits total and this project cost about 0 total. It has the consistency of water and really didn’t run all over and create too huge a mess of my grout.

I was about to order from their website when I decided to do a quick ebay search. Pretty cheap considering the impact it had on the room, I think! I used my faithful old Purdy brush to apply it, but if I was doing it again, I would at least try it with a foam brush to see what the result was.

They are easy to install over existing bricks to give your fireplace the look of natural stone without the hefty price tag that comes with real stone.

Attach a mantel shelf or surround to your red brick fireplace to add a decorative update.

The product I found was a brick tinting kit made by a company called Dyebrick. After I looked at their gallery of projects and read their testimonials, I knew I had found my answer.

I was able to sell it to my husband because it simply stains the brick, it doesn’t change the texture of the surface like paint can sometimes.Immerse a stiff brush into the solution and lightly scrub your fireplace to clean the dirt and residue off of the bricks.Spritz with clear water to rinse and blot dry with a clean cloth.Allow the primer to dry before rolling on an interior latex paint over the fireplace bricks.Apply a second coat of paint after the first coat is dry.For my project, I used the Rustic Brown and Old English Red.