Updating destination list failed

------------------------------------ Destination Name Destination Type ------------------------------------ large.green.circle Topic On the broker specified by: ------------------------- Host Primary Port ------------------------- localhost 7676 Destination Name large.green.circle Destination Type Topic Destination State RUNNING Created Administratively true Current Number of Messages Actual 0 Remote 0 Held in Transaction 0 Current Message Bytes Actual 0 Remote 0 Held in Transaction 0 Current Number of Producers 0 Current Number of Producer Wildcards 0 Current Number of Consumers 1 Current Number of Consumer Wildcards 1 large.*.circle (1) Max Number of Messages unlimited (-1) Max Total Message Bytes unlimited (-1) Max Bytes per Message unlimited (-1) Max Number of Producers 100 Limit Behavior REJECT_NEWEST Consumer Flow Limit 1000 Is Local Destination false Use Dead Message Queue true XML schema validation enabled false XML schema URI List - Reload XML schema on failure false For destinations in a broker cluster, it is often helpful to know how many messages in a destination are local (produced to the local broker) and how many are remote (produced to a remote broker).

Hence, reports, in addition to the number and total message bytes of messages in the destination, the number and total bytes of messages that are sent to the destination from remote brokers in the cluster.

They are better maintained by the project developers to provide the latest feature set. able to also pronounce street names or highway numbers (Osm And version 1.5.1 and newer), which pre-recorded voices can not.TTS prompts may on some devices sound a bit more "robotic", and the selection of languages actually supported on your device is more limited.The default values are 5 seconds and an unlimited number of samples.Joe, one of our Lync engineers, came to me the other day with a story.If the machine receives a TWAIN scanning request while it is writing data to memory or performing e-mail, Scan to Folder, network delivery, or WSD scanning jobs, it switches to the network TWAIN scanner function either immediately or after a specified standby time elapses following the last key operation.

Use this setting to select whether the machine switches to TWAIN immediately or waits until the standby time elapses when it receives a TWAIN scanning request.

In hiking/cycling mode Osm And can be configured to switch off the screen and switch it on just before a navigational change of direction is necessary.

To make this possible in Android, Osm And is added to the "Device administrators" section. To uninstall Osm And in such a case you need to go to (Android) "Settings- Some Android 5 users may experience the issue with getting the "Error 505" message.

For topic destinations, reports the number of publishers that are wildcard publishers (including their corresponding symbolic destination names) and the number of subscribers that are wildcard subscribers (including their symbolic destination names), if any.

To display metrics information about a physical destination, use the options specify, respectively, the interval (in seconds) at which to display the metrics and the number of samples to display in the output.

Both what languages are supported and their voice quality strictly depend on the TTS engine installed on your device, not on Osm And.