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The web module contains servlets for displaying and posting messages and a singleton session bean that counts the number of users in the session.

Before starting this tutorial you may want to familiarize yourself with the following document.

When you click Finish, the IDE creates three projects: News App, News App-ejb and News App-war.If you expand the News App node in the Projects window, you can see that the enterprise application project does not contain any sources.This tutorial takes you through the basics of developing a Java EE 6 enterprise application and demonstrates some of the EJB 3.1 technology features that were introduced as part of the Java EE 6 specification.In this tutorial you will create an enterprise application that enables a user to post to and retrieve messages from a database.Here I am going to explain step by step tutorial to create an EJB 3 Project with JPA application in Eclipse IDE.

For testing this JPA example we have written a remote Java Application Client.

The News App application uses some of the features introduced in the Java EE 6 specification.

The structure of the News App application generally corresponds to the following tiers.

All the sources will be contained in the two modules that the wizard created and which are listed under the Java EE Modules node.

The enterprise application project only contains configuration and packaging details about the application.

We will create a JPA entity and a stateless session bean to perform operations on the entity.