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Here’s what I experienced, what I tried, and what I eventually did as a reluctant solution.I installed the Tweet Deck desktop application and entered my username and password.

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At first I thought everything was going fine when my columns all appeared just as they were on my old computer.Then I realized that only my Facebook columns were working.However, make sure you're aware of which account you set as your default to avoid accidentally brunch tweeting from your company's official account.If you hate scrolling up your feed for the latest tweets, Tweet Deck can do that for you. Add separate feeds for your timeline, interactions, activity, scheduled tweets, messages, etc.But with Tweet Deck's easy and quick scrolling, switching between streams and creating columns make up for it.

Did you notice that the columns have tiny numbers in the top left of the header bar?I use lots of tools such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite.With my old HP laptop, the desktop application version of Tweet Deck always worked exactly as I hoped, but with new laptop, I’m not so lucky.Ran the program as an administrator I read a couple of different variants on this one.First, I read that the user account running Tweet Deck needed to be an administrator. Second, I read that I needed to right-click the app, go into the properties-Compatibility and select “Run this program as an administrator.” Did it, and it still didn’t work. Make sure Flash is installed on your system I was pretty sure that I had already installed Flash, but just to be safe, I went and installed again anyway. Uninstall and Re-install Tweet Deck Since I had just installed it, this seemed like I was grasping at straws, but you never know.Type those numbers to hop from column to column sans scrolling.