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We had struggles, some hardships, but that’s what we signed up for. It wasn’t a super easy summer, but we enjoyed every moment of it.That’s what we expected and for us that’s what sport is about and that’s stuff we miss, kind of that grind and we’re just going to keep building and using that motivation to kind of push us forward, because I know we’re not out of the woods yet, until 2018.We wanted to make sure that it was with a different team. We wanted that option on the table and even in the way we approached our show skating it was all to set ourselves up for our potential comeback in the way we crafted programs and in the way we trained for those performances, but I think we both felt it equally and that was important to us, because we couldn’t do it if just one of us wanted it more than the other.

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That’s what we really aligned ourselves with our coaches Patch and Marie and our team off the ice are just people that look at it the same way we do. S: I think that’s a great word, mature, because it wasn’t like that when we decided to come back after 2010, which was pretty much like a look at each other ‘are you done? After 2014 we didn’t retire, because we weren’t sure. We found out the more time we took away from the sport the more we couldn’t imagine sitting at home for 2018 without at least giving it a shot.We wanted to make sure that it was right, so we didn’t announce it for a while.Q: What was the emotion like when you registered at accreditation, checked your forms, went to practice?T: On the one hand it’s very familiar to us, we’ve done this many times, and in a lot of ways we come out with a fresh perspective and with a new team and things feel different.S: It’s nice to see people we haven’t seen in a while.

I think we all understand that is what sports is about. If you feel like you can compete, you should be at competition. We’ve competed against Anna (Cappellini) and Luca (Lanotte) for a very long time.

We love the environment, the credit goes out to Patrice (Lauzon), Marie-France (Dubreuil) and also Romain (Haguenauer) for creating that environment and we need that to train every day, inspired by all athletes.

Gabi and Guillaume are easy ones, when we watch them they kind of floor us, but when we’re watching young kids skate we find things that inspire us, so we’re lucky to have our training mates. T: To be honest, we don’t have the finger on the pulse of the skating world necessarily, but in the arena in Montreal and with the training environment that Marie, Patch and Romain have cultivated it was a very welcoming feeling, it was very warm, supportive, inspiring and that’s a testament to the coaches and the tone that they set.

It’s just a different side of things for us that we never really thought of. Did you expect this to happen in your third competition since your return?

S: Tessa and I always have been a team that doesn’t really pay attention to the points.

It’s great to see them, it is great to see her engaged and now see her married, Luca has become a father.