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Both say that they offer 24/7 support, and they offer the ability to leave a message and have them get back to you later, rather than sit on hold all day.

There is another number, 1-(626)-795-4814, which is for their headquarters in California, but leaving a message there will probably be ignored unless it is left for a specific person.

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In the two years that I was a member, I was contacted and asked for money at least 25 times. You go through all their little questions and hoops... Les and Leslie Parrott – Co-creators of e Harmony Marriage [email protected]•Scott Ackerman – Vice President of Customer Care [email protected]•Philip D. Galen Buckwalter – Vice President, Research and Development [email protected]•Lou Casale – Vice President of Corporate Communications [email protected] Public Relations: Joe Zink [email protected] Public Relations: Becky Teraoka [email protected]•Mark Douglas – Vice President of Technology [email protected]•Davina Fernholtz – Director, Human Resources [email protected] Human Resources, San Francisco office: D Valentine [email protected] Human Resources, Pasadena office: Kelly Brancaccio [email protected]•T. THIS IS what people ARE REALLY SAYING about your company! I do not think I would have any problem with a class action lawsuit for using my information WITHOUT MY CONSENT.Often they will post that they have a masters, but can't spell or have proper grammer and contact you at all times of the day. and tell them what you are looking for and they send you what they want you to have.... Armstrong – Chief Marketing Officer [email protected]•Dr. Again, please TAKE ALL my information OFF or my next step will be through Law Enforcement.I do agree there are better dating sites out there. Neil Clark Warren – Chairman and Co-Founder [email protected]•Greg Waldorf – Chief Executive Officer [email protected]•Greg Steiner – Chief Operating Officer [email protected]•Greg Forgatch – Former CEO and President [email protected]•Marylyn M.I have changed my email and I want to go back in a re-instate my e harmony account with new email how do I go about keeping my information in my accoun t but just needing to sign in with a new email without re-doing all the pape work like reapplying please can someone get back to me thank you I no the info is still all their just need to pay and go with new email thank you Tracy Christensen Port Coquitlam, B. E-Harmony is full of fraudulent people that are trying to extort money from un-suspecting customers. Warren – Former Senior Vice President [email protected]•Drs. Director of Product, Singles Service [email protected]•John Powers – Vice President of Finance and Administration [email protected]•Greg Smirin – Vice President, Emerging Services [email protected]•Jon Ward – Vice President of Business Development [email protected] is what I sent them: It is not just me.So the end result of this imcomplete call ..a good faith... in fact, i'd go so far as to say that the only web page e Harmony actually does monitor is their bank account.....

they will make sure the pending payment doesn't go through... I've paid up for qq year and have 6months left, but I changed my provider and my email address on the 1st of June and now can't access my account, can't continue writing to my matches and the emails to eharmony support just bounce back! they certainly don't have any customer support on their website.

I know of another married couple who met on e Harmony who were both living in a new country but had been reised in the same foreign country. There is now no way I can see to contact them, had I known this or another site would have got my money. I plan to make this a mission to report them to whomever I can. You have to go to the "About" section from the link at the bottom of the page.

My personal experience has been fruitful to the level of my interest. BEWARE, they take your money and thats it, NO CUSTI called the day after I subscribed and got my money back. This is not right not to be able to oontact customer care and that no one listens. The quality of people that are sent to you and the out of state folks just aggrevates me to know end. Once you're there there is a "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.

There are actually 2 toll-free numbers I was able to find around the internet, and after trying them, they seem to lead to the same system.

The phone number to call is the same whether it is a billing issue, technical issue, question about their service, etc.

i joined up 6 weeks ago,set up for 3 months paid, 5wks ago i tried to get onto my site,it would not except my password,over 20 times i have gone through new password set up ,still no i first went on i sent smiles or messages to matches and still no reply,i am really annoyedmy money is dwindling away and no matter how much i try i can not get anyone on is a CON I wanted to re-join e-harmony. I decided to join and their e-mail site says it will get back to me and never does.