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The article is online at the magazine's site, as well as reprinted in other Chinese online news sources.Comments in brackets, like this one, are the translator's, added where it was thought more detail or clarification was desirable. Interview venue provided by the Kangxi Star Photographic Studio in Beijing.

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With one movie released very recently (to good reviews) and a second now in post-production, she has naturally been the subject of numerous interviews in the Chinese entertainment media.

The following is a translation of one of the longer (and I think best) of these, an interview Tang Wei gave to the Shanghai magazine in March, and published in Bund's print edition of April, 2010.

Tang Wei's character in "Crossing Hennessey" is named Oi-lin, but some Chinese sources say the character has the Western name Eleonora; that is the one used here, and if that turns out not to be true, it will be corrected. What's the most popular word in the 2010 movie world?

Tang Wei's preliminary remarks upon meeting the interviewer refer to an earlier Bund interview which was also translated in The Chinese Mirror.]Text: Li Jun (李俊). "Comeback." With their sex tape scandal faded from the news, Edison Chan and Gillian Chung have surfaced again, with non-stop commercials and filming.

Because Hyun and Tang filmed “Late Autumn” two years ago, many assumed they might be dating. Messages that harass, abuse or threaten others; have obscene or otherwise objectionable content; have spam, commercial or advertising content or links may be removed.

[Since Chinese film authorities lifted the two-year ban on Tang Wei (汤唯) from filmmaking, which actually resulted in her disappearing from movie screens for three years, the promising young actress is back.

I'm making a Cantonese movie." But Bill Kong insisted, saying "Meet her, then decide." Ivy Ho met with Tang Wei three times, then decided to cast her in the female lead.

At that time, she felt Tang Wei's Cantonese was pretty good, and she was very stubborn, much like the character she would portray.

"The last time I talked with you was by phone, in January 2008," says the reporter. It seemed you were very mysterious, and didn't answer, and you sounded very far away." "I remember that.

"When we were on the phone back in 2008, can you tell me what question you asked me at that time? " Tang Wei turns things around and starts the questioning. I was in a foreign country then, sitting at a table in an office, and watching the rain fall outside the window." "You said back then that your ideal life was to live in your own house with your family and a big dog." "Well, I haven't realized that ideal so far," Tang Wei said. On March 21, the Tang Wei-Jacky Cheung film "Crossing Hennessy" was shown at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Tang Wei set foot on the red carpet, dressed in a simple flowered short dress.

"I just returned to Beijing late yesterday, and I didn't sleep well.