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The members are Yara Tomoyuki (Musical Academy) – Leader, Hamanaka Bunichi (Kansai Jr.), Yamamoto Ryota (M. Being an originally Takizawa fan, Yamapi admitted that he wanted to ask for his autograph, but he never asked. Tackey and Tsubasa were the official host of 24hr TV anniversary and got the ratings of 18%, second highest from SMAP.

He attended highschool in Horikoshi High thought he wasn’t able to finish it. He called Tsubasa in the middle of the night –and his sleep- just to accompany him, Tsubasa simply obeyed. He applied with Tsubasa on the same day which is April 5, 1995. Along with Koichi and others, they welcomed Daniel Radcliffe when he visited Japan. He dubbed the character of Shako in for one of the special episodes of anime Inuyasha. He formed a dance unit in the Jrs which he named a “Botoukan”. Yara Tomoyuki joined JE the same day as Tackey and Tsubasa. He directed the group’s first single “Now and Forever”. He, Tsubasa and Sakurai Sho of Arashi celebrated their Coming of Age in 2002 with attending sempai Sakamoto Masayuki of V6 60.

His first ever solo concert is titled “Arigatou 2005 Sayonara” in 2005. , Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love/ , The Witchs Requirement The Innocent Witch) 1999 , 26 17- . Features: Tatsumi Yudai, Takizawa Hideaki, Imai Tsubasa, Shibutani Subaru, Ikuta Toma, Yamashita Tomohisa, Hasegawa Jun, Tsukada Ryoichi and if you still remember him, Miyagi Shunta.There's a drawer in Hideaki's closet that's full of a variety of things they've ordered online, under an assumed name, and had delivered to a post office box Hideaki's had since he was 18 and paranoid about fangirls going through his mail. He is the one who nicknamed Yamashita Tomohisa of News as Yamapi.

They were immediately called to be part of Jr pool. He is the lead of Dream Boys 2004 and supposedly also in Dream Boys 2006 but due to the busy schedule with his taiga drama Yoshitsune, Kamenashia Kazuya of Kattun took over the part. He is credited for the ero-ero dance with Kattun and Kanjani8. Akanishi Jin of Kattun made a public apology for calling him “Takizawa Hidetoshi”. He once forgot his lyrics of the song “Girlfriend” for 9 seconds, he just smiled it away. He became inclined with Japanese history after acting in Yoshitsune in 2005. He has to wear a face guard in some events of Tx T’s Spring Concert in 2007 because he suffered from a broken nose when he fell in the stairs just to save his laptop. A fire was set in the venue of his Takizawa Enbujou play in 2006, and has to be postponed. Kame and Jin gave him flowers to cheer him up because of the incident. Jackie Chan expressed his desire to make a movie with him. JE big boss Johnny Kitagawa had known Jackie Chan for so long and he invited the latter in Dream Boys 2004, that is how Jackie across Tackey. Jackie invited Tackey in the opening of his co-owned hotel in Macau and Tackey had a chance to promote their single Venus. Tx T’s biggest selling single so far is “Venus” with 300,000 plus units sold. He composed 2 songs for Kattun: “Fight all night” and “My angel, you are angel”. But will their dark nights together bring about redemption? Ryo: Sweetheart, don't you feel hot wearing black all day? I actually shouldn't do this but my love towards M. ) yoz minna~ crossposting a list of takki english subbed clips that were recently released at as a countdown to Takki's 28th birthday :)( Kokuchisezu Drama SP 20 ) ( Time Keepers Episode 02, 19 )( Time Keepers Episode 01, 19 )if you missed the earlier subs this year, here they are:( Taiyou wa shizumanai Episode 07, 20 )( Zubari Iu Wa Yo 4Hr SP, 20 ) Characters: Takizawa Hideaki, Imai Tsubasa, Hina and OCs Pairings: Taki Tsuba Genre: Angst, AU, light fluff and smut Rating: PG13 Summary: Two strangers and opposites are thrown together into a vicious cycle of abuse and torment. What happens when a lecherous angel and an angelic demon go on a date? is stronger than towards my study, I ended up subbing a clips of chibi Tatsumi Yudai (M. =) It would also be the best if you voted ♥( Watch video under fake cut! Feel free to visit my LJ: Title: To the End of Feelings - Ryuzaki x Hasebe Maker: Kato Kathy Rating: G Pairings: Ryuzaki Shinji x Hasebe Nagisa Song: To the End of Feelings - Inuyasha OST Genre: Romance, angst Please don't forget to watch in HD! He is one of the most respected and loved senpai in Johnny’s Entertainment.