Speed dating procedure

Executives from a popular speed-dating company confided in us that they have men rotate because (a) women often have more accessories with them at events (e.g., purses), (b) men never seem to mind rotating, and (c) it just seems more chivalrous that way.

"Speed-dating scholars have appropriately adopted many procedures from professional speed-dating companies, so it is not surprising that this gendered norm has largely persisted, even for events organized and hosted by scholars.

For instance, might approaching — rather than being approached — in a dating situation make individuals less selective?

Finkel & Eastwick (2009) set about to answer just that question with an experiment designed to test whether a potential partner’s “choosiness” was due in part to whether they were the ones doing the choosing or not.

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Bring along any work in progress or a short piece you’d like feedback on, or simply your ideas for a plot. Then, modelling the rest of the evening on the traditional speed dating procedure, …

After each date, participants rated their romantic desire and romantic chemistry for that partner, as well as how much self-confidence they felt that had on that particular “date.” The researchers found that the speed daters who approached their partners relative to those who stayed sitting would experience a greater romantic desire and chemistry toward their partners, and were more likely to respond “Yes, I would see this person again” to their partners.

In other words, the people who rotated from person to person were less selective than those sitting, regardless of which gender was doing the rotating.The current research calls into question the design of much of the past research in this area, so the answer has suddenly become a lot less clear. Step 2: We will send you a Thank You email to acknowledge your registration. On the one hand, this sex difference did not significantly reverse at events where women rotated, so on average there was at least an overall trend in the present data for men to experience greater romantic approach (i.e., to be less selective) than women."On the other hand, the gendered norm we manipulated in the present study is just one of a universe of possible norms that could in principle affect romantic attraction, and our participants almost certainly had a lifelong history of navigating such norms that no subtle laboratory manipulation could readily erase.We will email you the Matchmaking Event Invitation when there are sufficient number of potential candidates for you. We call it Halal because we conduct only in a permissible manner. Guardian participation in matchmaking process is key for Halal Speed Dating.