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The simple answer is that the dating scene is whatever you make it.There is an interesting "hookup culture" at Tulane, as with any college though.

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I think that as you go out and meet people, you will find someone who is "datable." =] Just don't be afraid to make conversation!There are your typical random hook ups that happen every week, but occasionally people start to date.I had one friend who started dating someone after the first month of freshman year, and they are still together.Majority of my friends didn't start to date until this year.The key is that you shouldn't expect a boyfriend or girlfriend to fall into your lap.

Even a handsome, charming catch like myself had to work real hard, and meet lots of people before finding one that clicked.A lot of it might have been due to my California style which never clicked with the heavy-set east-coast attitude.Ultimately, there are enough pretty, sexy people that you should be able to get exactly what you want, given you're willing to spend the effort.Because alcohol flows so readily, it contributes heavily to the hook up mentality.Most people meet at bars off campus such as The Palms, The Boot, Bruno's or Rocko's.It is easy to meet upperclassmen through Frat parties, date parties that sororities have, at a bar, or even in class (shocking I know).