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Do you believe God has called you to commit your life to this person in marriage?For example, sex, physical attraction, looking at other couples, constantly listening to love music, fear, constantly watching love movies, etc.8.

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If you seek to enter into a relationship with an unbeliever not only is it wrong, you will regret it, and you will be hurt.Many people think they are in love for reasons such as the person’s looks, communication skills, etc.Avenger, Caliber, Challenger, Charger, Grand Caravan, Durango, Journey, C/V, Chrysler200, Town & Country, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Patriot, Wrangler and Uconnect are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC.If you don’t think that you are going to marry this person and if you don’t feel like God has possibly brought this person into your life for marriage, then stop wasting each other’s time.It shows how Christ loved the church and laid down His love for her.

No one besides the Lord will come before the person you are going to marry.

Many people get into relationships and when they break up they find out I really wasn’t in love.

It’s not good to seek a relationship with someone you are not physically attracted to.

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