Simplepie cache not updating

We all have a big debt of appreciation to "the community" who keep this Drupal afloat.; Simple Pie RSS parser libraries[simplepie][directory_name] = simplepie libraries[simplepie][download][type] = get libraries[simplepie][download][url] = = simplepie.libraries[simplepie][overwrite] = me.

That seems a bit outside the issue thread which is essentially about why simplepie is showing as a dependency even when it is not being used. Anyway...installing simplepie does silence the error. This is not a support request, instead a bug report, since it gives a notice about a library which is neither installed nor needed.

The "compiled version" of simplepie is available under a little link below the main download link: Simple Pie download site: Direct link to compiled version (at the time of writing): It seems to work just as well if the file is directly uploaded to the sites/all/libraries/simplepie folder though.Upload this to your sites/all/libraries folder (assuming you have the libraries module running, which is always a good idea) 3. Is there any specific reason to first upload it to sites/all/libraries and then move it?thanks#1: This has nothing to do with the legacy Simple Pie module. #2: feeds_library_exists() wil be looking for Simple Pie in both 'sites/all/libraries' (if libraries module is installed) and 'site/all/modules/feeds/libraries'.If you use libraries module anyway, then 'sites/all/libraries' is the recommended place.It's confusing to have a warning in the status-page for a feature that is not being used.

If more modules start adding their own warning messages for unused features, the system status-page will become impossible to use. Sorry to clutter this queue, but until a more sensible approach is applied to Feeds, and for those (like me) that find it hard to put all the pieces together, here you go: 1.

1 root root 446731 Oct 30 2012 showed the new parser options Hey @Nancy Dru: I have not read the module'ss code, but look at #2 up there..module is probably hardwired to find the library in exactly one spot, named exactly one way.

So: if you can get to your web server with a shell or if your FTP client allows you to, one idea is to create a virtual link between the path that is required and your actual location.

As far as I can tell neither feeds core, JSON Path parser or Feeds Image Grabber require this library to run.

I did do an update via drush a few days ago to feeds but at this point have never installed the Simple Pie module for feeds. I've cleared caches etc and I don't even have the Libraries module installed right now so have no idea where the system even wants me to put the library!

1 root root 446731 Oct 30 2012 A) in feeds cleared board B) creating the file mv simplepie_1.3.1.and a clearing of cache