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Some residents are speaking out about water quality concerns in the Nolensville area.The past two annual reports released to water customers show the Nolensville/College Grove Utility District violated the federal drinking water standard.We are assured by state water and health officials there is no need to boil the water or take other actions.

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Environmental officials said it’s a byproduct from the chlorination of water and is common during warmer weather.“My oldest son has really bad eczema and we looked up how this contaminated water can cause severe eczema on his skin,” said Alisa Bledsoe.

The district said there’s a low risk of cancer and other health problems if you drink 2 liters of water a day for 70 years.“We found in our research that drinking water is the smallest end of the scale,” said Evan Bledsoe.

In this case, we are working to implement a plan we submitted to the state, and which the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has approved, to remedy the problem.

This remedy will occur through internal procedures that we will coordinate through our water delivery system and by working with our water suppliers.

“The biggest risk comes from the steam that’s created in the shower or your dishwasher.”The Nolensville/College Grove Utility District said it’s aware of the issue and they are working with water suppliers and that state to fix it.

Officials from the district would not do an interview, but did send Channel 4 a written statement.

We know this first step is a difficult one, but our knowledgeable and understanding staff members will obtain the necessary information to get you or your loved one the help needed to begin the healing journey.

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At the Nolensville/ College Grove Utility District we work hard every day to deliver reliable, safe drinking water to our customers.