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Pair the meat with a side of garlicky collard greens, a sweet cornbread muffin, and a helping of baked beans -- pure brown sugary goodness.

Pittsburgh may not be known as a BBQ town, but maybe it should be.Within the city limits, there are plenty of pits serving everything ranging from classic staples to BBQ in a burrito shell.And if you’re really hungry, get some chicken, too. Several tables are available in the restaurant, but most take the heaping Styrofoam containers of food to go.You can smell the delicious aroma of Wilson's for miles before you see this no-frills, rustic joint.At the Carolina-style Pittsburgh Barbecue Company, the pork and brisket are smoked for 20 hours, making for tasty, smoky sandwiches.

The tangy, peppery sauce -- served separately, of course -- is good enough to drink or, you know, just use as a condiment.Top it with a Kansas-style sweet sauce, a Carolina-style vinegar sauce, or a spicy sauce, complete with a kick.Both the buttery cornbread and the vinegary greens are delicious side dishes, but the yams steal the show.The meat at Yinz Burgh BBQ is so expertly cooked it doesn't even need sauce...Although they do offer a half-dozen choices, including hot tomato, vinegar, and mustard-based sauces.On the side: the hot bowl o’ cheese or the pinto beans. It’s 1/3 rack of ribs, pulled pork, and bacon strips, plus fries, a pickle, cornbread, and slaw.