Rules on dating your friend ex pete campbell dating information

After a year of not talking to him, I finally opened up to him about it.

I told him that he was wrong, no matter what his excuse was, it was wrong.

This girlfriend of yours sounds like a grudge holding vindictive person (15 yrs of making life a living hell for an ex).You may think it's ok, but unless you actually tell her and get her opinion you'll never know.If your Ex was a **** would you stop seeing your child?Or would you fight for custody and see to it that your visitation was strictly enforced even if it meant getting the law involved? It breaks the friendship boundaries and it seriously hurts.OTOH, from your description, I can't for the life of me understand why you are friends with the woman. but I no longer feel comfortable allowing her around a man who genuinely interests me.

I have a female friend of 30 years who: 1) dated a guy I briefly dated first; 2) dated a guy with whom I supposedly was in a monogamous relationship, married him despite my warnings, and was repeatedly abused before she divorced him; 3) spent quite a bit of time with my ex without my knowledge but insists nothing happened. I think if you get involved with this guy, you're also going to get more involved with this "b*tch" of a girlfriend.It's simply something that will kill your friendship, with both people involved.guess i should have made it more clear she doesnt know we have been talking for the last 9 years she just thinks its the last 2 has told me bad things from the time they split and like i said i havnt seen it.everyone says bad things about their ex to thier friends its uaslly never good.respect is a two way street i only give to her what i recieve and i didnt say we were close for her ex not seeing his child i am not going into that its long and drawn out she did the same to all her exs only the person she is married to now sees his kids.I guess you will end up doing what you want anyways, what we say is irrelevant.Most likely when you put up this thread you wanted some reasurrance that what you were thinking was the right option.According to guy code, the only way that this would be alright is if you asked your friend first to see if it's ok if you see their ex. If you remain friends with him after the breakup and he invites you over for something inocent like a childs birthday party. Lets say he has moved on and is seeing someone else and seems happy. After alot of alchol was consumed she ended up taking her neighbor and his friend upstairs.My stomach actually clenched up reading this..gut reaction. I think with some of the issues you have been posting on the board that inviting more drama in your life seems like a strange choice to me.