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I know it seems like there's no reason for those kids to have cancer or for a father to get killed saving his child or for any of it... Maybe there is someone or something out there that's planning all of this, and maybe you have to respect it. 5 years from now, I don't want you to open your eyes and realize missed out.

Max: Everyone we touch gets hurt in some way or another.

You think I'm gonna forget about you or get over it or something, but...

I don't care about my destiny or my planet or anything else.

Michael, have you ever even thought of the possibility that this guy more than just looks like you?

Maria: Look, you wanna know why you look like Grandpa 1935? I just want you to know that whatever you are to me-- a sister, a cousin, whatever-- you're the only family I've ever known, and I just found you.

Max: Let's just keep running, you and me, away from here, away from everything.

But you, you can do and say anything you want because you have Hank, and you can blame it on that. So call me a selfish jerk, but I don't think we should risk everything just so you can feel a little bit better about yourself at Christmas. Michael: You made your decision before you walked through that door. I could hear it in your voice, so why don't you just go do what you're gonna do... Liz: [Voiceover] The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be, places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you to places that can never lead to a happy ending. The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown. Liz: [Voiceover] It's funny how the world changes sometimes, how the streets you walked your entire life seem darker, colder. How eyes you've barely even noticed now look at nothing but you. Maria: When I was a kid, I used to stay up at night and, um, make up stories about my father... And that no matter how crazy your life has gotten there's this one moment, this perfect moment, where you could just say that no matter what happens, nothing can take this moment away from me... I'm afraid of feeling everything that I know I would feel. I can't get indebted to anyone, and I can't get entangled. And when I'm around you sometimes, I don't feel like a stone wall anymore. I'm here trying to figure out the meaning of my existence, and I'm tired of having to wade through the kooks like you and the freak shows like this in order to do it. And ever since I got my wish and Max Evans patched a bullet hole two inches below my ribs, I realized one thing: that the bigger your world gets, the bigger your problems get, too. Instead, I took off in an open-air vehicle that probably shouldn't be allowed on the road to begin with, broke into a house, essentially stole things from it, and engaged in general bonding with aliens. Liz: [Voiceover]: Have you ever had a moment when you're with the one person in the world you want to be with and the wind is blowing through your hair and the song that just describes your entire soul happens to come on, and then the person that you want to be with happens to love the same song and suddenly you realize you're listening to it together? A couple weeks ago, if someone were to ask me who I would trust with my life other than my parents, I would have said you without skipping a beat. What I'm afraid of is we try it and it works out really well. If anything like that happens to me again, like when I got sick, don't help me. Max: Liz, when I saved you, it was because you were shot. Something was happening to you that wasn't supposed to happen.