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Boyfriends Aaron Rhodes and Travis Bryant confirmed their breakup on Twitter last week.

“At this point in my life, I’m going through some changes,” Travis said in a video. there are lots of things that I don’t have control of, and sometimes that can be a little bit difficult.” “Aaron had messaged me for a while…

The Edward Scissorhands soundtrack is something I love and just listen to.

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Instead, Rhodes is determined to continue following his own idiosyncratic direction.“Things that happen unplanned and in the moment are much more beautiful than things that you try and recreate or make sound perfect.” Much like his own career, the result of a happy accident.He has, though, avoided label suggestions to work with writing partners, apart from on the affecting break-up duet “Let It All Go”, written with the precocious Birdy.“I didn’t want anything that sounded forced and there’s so much conformity in this industry,” he complains.“It’s about a friend who was a singer as well and had depression.

It’s a weird thing you can’t relate to unless you have it.

So the insecure musician graduated through school bands and eventually moved to London to play bass with a group of good mates – it failed to progress over three years.

At the beginning of 2013, Rhodes cut himself off from that band, hiding in his room to work on his own material.

You can only listen and try and offer advice – there’s that saying, ‘you just have to breathe’.

It might sound patronising, but sometimes you are just holding everything in.

Sitting attentively in an office chair, he looks comfortable in his own skin, but remembers the early difficulties of balancing his love of music with an inferiority complex when it came to others’ talent.