Poonam dhillon dating

The media also reported that Ramesh had bought a bungalow for the pretty actress in Juhu.

A source close to Ramesh said, “He bought Poonam a home where he thought they both could live happily ever after.” But the relationship did not have a happy ending.

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He helped her a lot during the film and along the way, it’s said, they became more than good friends.

But Poonam didn’t want the relationship to be talked about in the press.

The talk of a big filmmaker like Yash Chopra introducing a new face made Poonam an instant celebrity.

Thus at 16, she worked with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Rakhi, Shashi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar in her debut film.

Thereafter, they spent some time chatting at the Holi celebrations.

Later, when Poonam returned to Mumbai, Ashok apparently sent her flowers almost every day till she accepted his proposal of marriage.

She initially refused but agreed since Umesh and his wife Ritu were very close friends.

Ashok, who was present at the bash, was instantly attracted towards her. ” he is supposed to have asked Ritu who explained that she was mourning the loss of her father.

Pamela was like a mentor to Poonam, teaching her all about hair, make-up and grooming. But there was another person who had a deep impression on Poonam – Ramesh Talwar, Yash Chopra’s assistant between 19, who later scripted Noorie and then turned director.

When Ramesh came up with the story of Noorie, the only girl he could think of for the title role was Poonam.

Even Ramesh would deny his close association with her, brushing off all rumours of a link-up saying, “She’s a nice girl.