Patti stanger dating advice for women

If anyone knows what it takes to find the right mate, it’s Matchmaker Extraordinaire Patti Stanger.

Stanger’s super-successful and hotly debated Bravo show ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’, based on her real-life matchmaking business the Millionaire’s Club and currently in it’s fifth season, can teach us all a few lessons about life and love.

Watching Stanger work with her bounty of bad-boy millionaires is like watching a well-oiled machine.

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e H: When would you say was the first time you really found love? e H: You are in the unique profession and position to help people find each other and hopefully find love.

What are the most satisfying and heart-breaking aspects to what you do?

Patti: The three C’s: communication, chemistry and compatibility. e H: What should we acknowledge about ourselves before getting into a relationship?

Patti: The fact that no one is perfect, lust can often fade and financial disagreements can break a relationship.

By making the man wait, she thinks he'll respect you more. The question of when to get intimate is difficult for women at any age; there are so many things to consider when making this decision.

Volumes have been written offering guidance and warnings about having sex too quickly.

There are women who worry the guy will walk away if she doesn't sleep with him on date three, especially the handsome, rich guys — the ones who seem like really good catches.

But believe it or not, some guys have traditional ideas about sleeping together quickly and may think you are too easy for hopping into bed on date three.

They might date you for a while, but won't consider you for a long-term, serious relationship.

This infuriating double standard has been around for eons.

There's nothing wrong with sleeping with someone at any point in the relationship; that's not the issue.