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“Santa Fe has close proximity to the desert and forests and mountains and valleys and a variety of different looks that simulate places all over the country,” Graf explains.“If you go from White Sands on one hand to Taos on the other, it feels like different planets.”Incentives: 25% rebate, film crew advancement program Locations: “The nature of the road movie is that you move around a lot,” Graf says.(props and costumes), MBR Studio Equipment Rentals, Mountain States Crane, New Mexico Film Rentals, Production Outfitters, Serious Grippage and Light Co., Spots & Props Unlimited, Star Waggons, TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals, Wild Horse Movie Trucks Other N. vendors: Aquila Travel, Carey Limousine, Cort Furniture, Entertainment Partners (payroll), Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Flyin’ In Prods., JLS Security Location manager: Todd Christensen PAULProducer Bob Graf had been to New Mexico before, booking this Greg Mottola-directed road movie into the same Santa Fe stages where he worked on “No Country for Old Men,” but this time, he took advantage of the state’s diverse terrain as well.

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This is a family house for an architect, writer and their 3 young children.It is located in a leafy inner city heritage neighbourhood where new houses are controlled by strict planning controls.The house is positioned close the street to form a consistent relationship within the streetscape, in particular its immediate neighbours.The plan wraps a courtyard opening to the northern aspect of large native trees pre-dating the historic houses. Between 2001-2002, Wilson was also romantically involved with Jennifer Love Hewitt, after she saw him in the theatre adaptation of The Full Monty, while she was still dating Rich Cronin.

It was rumoured that Wilson had a fling with actress Scarlett Johansson, however they were never exclusive and the relationship didn’t last very long.

M.-based support: Ahern Rentals, B and B (generators), Haul of Fame (trucks), New Mexico Lighting and Grip, Star Waggons, Maleco Grip Rigging Other N. vendors: Digitech (copiers), Exchange Communications (telecom), Mountainair Films, Rockbottom Rentals, Sandia Office Supplies Location manager: Todd Christensen TERMINATOR SALVATIONThe massive production booked all but one of the stages at Albuquerque Studios (the other was being used to film AMC’s “Breaking Bad”), sprawling out onto the surrounding Mesa Del Sol development.

For a scene billed as taking place on the Rio Grande River, rather than travel all that way only to fight the current, producer Jeffrey Silver struck a deal with the adjoining property.

“They let us dig a big giant hole and build our own multiacre backlot river, pumps and all, so we had our own backlot tank, which we later reseeded,” Silver says.

Incentives: 25% rebate Locations: Albuquerque (Kyle Reese and Marcus Wright face off against a Terminator at the same train sheds that hosted a “Transformers” shoot-’em-up), Algodones (where a power plant doubled as Skynet HQ), Cibola National Forest, Taos (the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge)Facilities used: Albuquerque Studios N.

The pair were snapped together at several events during this year.