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The particular switch that you are interested in is the switch so it’s simply a case of running the program with the /cleanrules switch as shown in Figure 3.However, before you do that, remember to export your inbox rules via the Export Rules button found within the Options section of the main window.

Resetting the Out Of Office setting using tools such as MDBVU32 can appear quite daunting at first and so hopefully in this article I’ve shown that it’s not quite as bad as you’d first think.Neil is a UK-based consultant responsible for the design, implementation and support of Microsoft infrastructure systems, most notably Microsoft Exchange systems.To reset, simply turn the OOF off and then back on again.Note 2: By default, Exchange does not allow Automatic Replies and OOF messages to the Internet.Your Exchange administrator can enable this on the Exchange server in the following way; Allow Automatic Forwarding/Replying to the Internet If you are not in an Exchange environment, your ISP might provide Out of Office functionality in the web based mailbox (ask your ISP for the web address to check your mail via a browser if you do not know this).

Usually you can find an Out of Office setting in the Options section.Quite often in the public Exchange newsgroups or other mailing lists, there are posts from frustrated Exchange administrators who cannot get their users’ Out of Office messages sent externally from Exchange.The typical solution here is to recognize that Exchange has a setting to allow the administrator to decide whether Out of Office messages are indeed sent externally from the Exchange organization. However, what if the Out of Office messages aren’t sent to users within the Exchange organization? In this article, we’ll look at two tools that can be used to help troubleshoot the non-sending of Out of Office messages.It’s possible to run the Outlook client with various startup switches that can be used to troubleshoot various issues.These startup switches are documented on the Microsoft Office site here.While this is primarily an Exchange account feature, there are several workarounds for POP3, IMAP and Outlook Hotmail Connector accounts as well.