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If you've noticed missing calendar appointments (e.g., lost meetings, delegate issues), or meeting updates from someone other than the original organizer, you're not alone.

Workaround: Outlook 2011 SP1 (With autodiscover record in place) will download an offline address book. This is a 24-hour old copy of the global address list.

Once in place you can delete the directory service settings.

The easiest way to verify this is the problem is to log in to your Outlook Web Mail, if you are using Office 365 you can log in at https://portal.using your username and password.

If you can see the appointments in your shared calendars online then the issue is more than likely due to the cache on your Outlook needing refreshing, here are the steps to fix the problem: Please note.

Note: starting with Outlook v.14.3.5, server-side rules are supported for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 and higher.

Saved search query in Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition converts to a subfolder in Outlook for Mac 2011 In Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition, after you create a search criterion that produces the result that you want, you can save this search to create a dynamically updated view of your Entourage items.

It does not support setting server-side rules to move or manage messages and contacts or to act on calendar events.

That means that all rules created in Outlook 2011 will be applied only when Outlook 2011 is running.

However, when you import a saved search criterion from Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition into Outlook for Mac 2011, it is converted to a subfolder in your new Inbox.