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“It was her choice to make music her career because she was sur- rounded with it at home. She used to ask for advice when she was younger but she has her own path. Friendships like that are to be treasured because it’s rare to find it once in a working lifetime.

One newspaper, The Enquirer, was going to write that I was dying of cancer.

I had not even told my family or friends at that stage. “On reflection I am happy it hap- pened that way because talking about it was so important. That proc- ess is part of dealing with the illness.” There have also been difficulties with daughter Chloe who suffered from anorexia in her teens.

A lot of good things and bad things have happened during my life, which has been a roller coaster. I live for the day, never think of the future and the past is gone.

So I am always loving and living as if it is my last day.” There has been a new home in Florida, a fast-moving life, fundraising for a cancer hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and her celebration of 20 years next year of beating cancer.

It’s a stand-out performance as a cocaine-snorting, champagne- swigging mother of the bride in the funniest comedy film in years, A Few Best Men.

“These are my best times,” she says, as we talk at the hotel where she’s staying with husband John Easter- ling, 62, with whom she always travels these days. “I never thought I would be saying this at my age but I do feel happier and sexier than ever.She transforms herself from a rich and dutiful wife into a sexually charged mother of the bride.With a mostly British cast which includes Kris Marshall and Kevin Bishop as two of three best men at an Australian society wedding, the film is being rated as the funniest since A Fish Called Wanda.So it was a case of, 'Oh hello.' That certain magic which happens at certain times happened to us. I would hear stories like that and go, 'Oh, yeah, right.' Then it happened to me. I realise that I am very lucky." They slipped away like teenagers to marry at an Incan spiritual ceremony in Cuzco, followed nine days later by a legal ceremony on Jupiter Island, Florida. The only person she told in advance was 25-year-old Chloe, her singer daughter by first husband, dancer and actor Matt Lattanzi. My life has been lived in the public eye and I wanted this one to be private.” She did not announce that she was married until a month later and even now friends have expressed their shock. “I used to be so nervous before performances,” she says.“We wanted it to be about us rather than everyone else,” she explains. “But I no longer worry about every little thing and have changed my attitude completely."The script was even rewritten for me so I could play an Australian girl who was about to return to her country,” she says.