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Command and collect a huge squad of beautiful fleet girls in a new world ... All posts in this journal will be permanently deleted from the server 60 days after the account owner deleted it.

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As soon as you hit Cub, the rocket can be controlled immediately.By pressing the mouse button, the rocket will rise – when you let the mouse button go it will sink...You have to control the skating Cuddles on a track with many obstacles.You have to make sure that Nutty is not getting to close to you, since...Trees covered with snow will give you more power, while contacting ice edges will...

Sweet Ride Skate Sweet Ride Skate is a bloody online game about the Happy Tree Friends episode „Sweet Ride“.

Dumb Ways to Die - HTF Edition This game is a Happy Tree Friends eition of Dumb Ways to Die.

Prevent the HTF characters in small games from diying.

Use your mouse to balance Petunia and try to keep her upright... Click on the ice cub with the mouse and throw it as far as possible.

But pay attention to the Happy Tree Friends, which are on the track.

Laser Training It took a long time to develop the idea for Splendid.