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On top of that, he was a tall, hotshot real-estate broker breaking new ground in his field. The connection was scintillating; I finally felt something truly electric after years of feeling next to nothing.However, it took just one date to realize that Sparks and I weren’t on the same page.Saturday afternoon, you’ve probably talked about this very topic: should you go after that guy with whom you feel amazing chemistry, or should you choose the stable, loyal, forever-there-for-you boyfriend?

When Sparks texted a little over a week later and asked to get a drink, I had to say no.Security was the sure thing at that moment, but I chose him for real reasons beyond that.While I desperately wanted him to ask me out so we could explore our connection once and for all, I weighed my decision about Security—knowing I was nearing a breaking point.Finally, we all collided on one hot night in late June.Over time, I saw Sparks could be childish, and ambitious as he was, it was not the right, healthy kind of drive.

My now-boyfriend is mature enough to understand the ins and outs of life, taking it by the horns, but in a fun and responsible way.

After some confusion on my friends’ part, they eventually encouraged me to text him.

(After all, how often do you find a connection like this? I even drafted an email to him that, to this day, sits in my drafts folder—but he reached out to me first. And we were both convinced that the connection between us was tangible—not to mention tantalizing.

I broke up with Security the day after my first real meeting with Sparks. But like they so often do, Sparks and I eventually slowed down and fizzled out after four intense months together. And although we Face Timed daily, with each passing week, the sparks weren’t enough. Being with Sparks was better than thinking, ‘What if?

During our date, the connection between us was even more electric, so much so that I met his family soon after—from parents to step-siblings and beyond. ’ I didn’t want to forever wonder what I was missing out on after experiencing something as electric as that initial connection I had with Sparks.

"I boarded a plane to Chicago and, as fate would have it, sat down next to a guy we'll call Sparks. We parted ways with a hug and exchange of contact information, but as soon as I got in the taxi, I texted my closest friends to tell them I had met The One.