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She infiltrates his organization to capture him, but while undercover she gets murdered, and he’s naturally the prime suspect… Nam Gyuri () plays the cop who was that undercover agent’s best friend — they were practically sisters and her death leaves Nam Gyuri completely alone in the world.

So she does the crazy thing, and goes undercover in order to finish what her best friend started, with the intention of finding her killer.

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The drama formerly known as Undercover has undergone a title and casting change, but we’re full-steam ahead for its premiere in two weeks.

The new Monday-Tuesday drama on cable network JTBC is now called Heartless City, and though the cast isn’t a huge draw for me, the teasers are beautiful and mysterious, and effectively made me stop to check out what this drama’s about. One day a woman he grew up with at an orphanage comes knocking on his door, so he brings her into his world, only she’s actually an undercover cop.

2013 is going to do down as a year in infamy for breaking drama fangirl hearts.

I don’t recall any one year where this many oppas and even young hotties have gone and taken themselves off the market. The following got hitched: Kim Jae Won, Ji Sung (Lee Bo Young), Lee Byung Hun (Lee Min Jung), Jung Seok Won (Baek Ji Young), Bae Soo Bin, Han Jae Seok (Park Sol Mi).I find it hard to get invested in Nam Gyuri’s characters, so I’m not sure how the drama proper will hold up, but the director’s touch in the teasers did make me take notice.The drama promises a very dark world, with everything from the city’s cold towers to its seedy underbelly.34 Two years after his controversy, Park returned in 2015 in the cable series Neighborhood Hero, in which he plays a former undercover agent who mentors a young police officer as they fight crime together.Will Kahi Kal cdz batalha de abel online dating So Won Kan Mi Yeon Kang Dong Won Kang Ha Neul Kang Ho Dong Kang Hye Jung Kang Ji Hwan Kang Min Hyuk Kang Seung Won Kang Si Ra Kang So Ra Kang Ye Bin Kang Ye ph Jiwoo Somin Kasper Kassy Katie Kimkcmkelly Ki Hong Lee Ki Sung Yong Ki Tae Young Kil Gun Kim Ah Joong Kim Ba Da Kim Bo Kyung Kim Bum Kim Bum Soo Kim Byung. Catfiestarcao Hyori Lee Jin Ock yahoo dating tips for women Joo Hyun Sung Yurifixflashefly to the Sky Four Ladies (4L)Free Style Fresh Girls From the Airport Fujii Mina G-Friend (Girlfriend)anny Ahn Kim Tae Woo Park Joon Hyung Son Ho ul Galaxy Express Gavy (Global Hood Girl's Ah Sung Go Ara Go Eun Ah Go Hyun Jung Go Jun Hee Go Kyung Pyo Go So Young Go Soo Go Young xog ogaal online dating Wook God of the.I’ll believe it when I see it, but at least on cable my expectations are a smidgen higher for just how dark they’re willing to go.