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After all, it takes a special kind of person to paint themselves every Saturday for an entire fall.

“He brought Munson, his most beloved bulldog,” Mc Coy said.

“We fed him biscuits up here every time he brought him up here.”But there will never be another Saturday like that again, for Munson or anyone else. 4 at age 65 from what the Madison County Coroner’s Office described as a “cardiac event.”Woods was an icon in his hometown of Colbert, Georgia.

Saturdays are usually the busiest day of the week anyway.

But with Athens only 20 minutes away, many Georgia fans stop by on home game Saturdays to grab their breakfast of choice.

Photographs of Georgia superfan Mike "Big Dawg" Woods are placed on a garage workbench in the home of his son, Trent Woods (pictured in right photo), in Athens, Georgia, on Wednesday, Jan 11, 2016.

Mike Woods, who was known for painting his head for Georgia football games, passed away on Wednesday, Jan. (Photo/Casey Sykes, On Saturday afternoons in the fall, the Biscuit Express restaurant in Hull, Georgia, is a lively place.But as well-known as he was in his small hometown of 592 residents, he was perhaps more famous across the entire “Bulldog Nation.” The Big Dawg and the Mini GCharlie O’Kelley faced a serious dilemma. “I didn’t want to be bald.”One night at Woods’ house, O’Kelley gave Woods an ultimatum.On one side, he had his good friend Mike Woods imploring him to shave his head and join Woods in painting his head for football games. Woods could either cut O’Kelley’s hair that night or not cut it at all. However, the operation didn’t go as planned.“He got an old set of clippers, and they broke,” O’Kelley said.He eventually resorted to paying someone to hold a parking spot for him in Athens, allowing him to take his time getting ready. “As years passed and we got older, he would still get up and go at eight o’clock,” O’Kelley said.“He’d try to get me to go, and I’d say, ‘No, Mike.’ My heart wasn’t in it like his is.”Upon getting to Athens, Woods was the life of the party.But for Ian Boatman, a senior student at Georgia and a member of the Spike Squad since 2013, one interruption from 2002 is burned into his memory.“It was going into commercials or going back to the game, and the CBS broadcast showed him on TV,” Boatman said.