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Endpoint Security 10 is a complete overhaul of existing functionality with performance and integration in mind.The core of the product is the Endpoint Security 10 Platform, that doesn’t include any components like AV or IPS, but rather serves as the socket to plug products in to.Endpoint Security 10 comes with a ton of new features and improvements.

When the user returns, on-demand scanning is paused, to be resumed when the system is idle again.

The user won’t notice the on-demand scan taking place, while compliance with weekly on-demand scans is maintained.

Traditionally, a rather brief but heavy load would be on the system during the VSE DAT update.

The Endpoint Security 10 Threat Prevention module uses what is called the V3 DAT, that contains not only signature updates but also engine-updates.

The ENS Platform delivers common functions like self-protection, logging capabilities, global threat intelligence, a task scheduler and the kernel-mode drivers that provide functionality required by other modules.

Other modules (like Threat Prevention) can simply plug in to the Endpoint Security 10 Platform.

For example, it analyzes and considers some programs to be trustworthy.

If it verifies that these programs haven’t been tampered with, the scanner might perform reduced or optimized scanning, and that is a big deal.

The classic combination of VSE, HIP and SAE on endpoints is well proven to provide effective protection against different types of threats, but it comes with a few drawbacks, particularly in the form of a performance penalty on protected endpoints because of On-demand scans and the On-access Scanner.

Classic problems include: Intel Security is aware of those problems and released Mc Afee Endpoint Security 10 a while ago.

It’s arguably wise to delay adoption of new products to allow them to stabilize, reducing the risk of problems.