Long distance dating app 16 and 24 year old dating

Instead of sending images, you can send short videos to your friend (slightly longer than 40 seconds).You can send to a group of friends, or to just one friend.The cool thing about Between is that it's cross-platform, meaning you can use it even if you have an i Phone and your SO has an Android phone.

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It's really easy to use and the whole app is beautifully designed. You can download this for free for i Os or Android devices or Windows Phone. Not only does it come with it's own messaging system, but you can also have a shared calender, send virtual hugs and kisses, send "emotions," and share photos.

It keeps everything saved, so you can look back on all of your cute relationship moments when you're feeling sad.

Traveling is expensive and confusing, but Kayak makes it a little easier.

It allows you to compare different prices for flights and hotels and rentals. You can download this for free for i OS or Android devices.

It's another cute way to keep in touch and let each other know what's always going on so you feel more connected.

You can download this for free for i OS or Android devices.

Fortunately, our modern technology makes LDRs just a little bit easier than they were, say, 15 or 20 years ago.

Now we have Skype for video calls, Facebook and Twitter for staying up-to-date on each other’s lives, unlimited texts so that you can talk whenever you want, and tons of apps that promise to keep the romance alive even when you’re far away from each other.

You can quickly send pictures or videos that will play for up to 10 seconds.

A blessing or a curse is that you can take screenshots of the pics or videos (the other person will be alerted if you do).

If you guys are getting sick of text messages, use Cartolina every once in a while. Cartolina allows you to send messages via a virtual postcard - you can choose the design and colors and all that.