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There are, however, a small number of people who flat-out lie.

Most lies are relatively harmless - they may be married or have kids, for example, but a psycho stalker would never identify himself as such in his profile.

Sites that only show you people who match your criteria feel like bespoke tailoring - you place your order for the perfect person, and they deliver.

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Sure, a larger pool increases your odds of success, but it may not translate into finding a mate if you let it go to your head. Internet dating works - e Harmony claims to be responsible for over 500 weddings per day, and that is just one of the hundreds of dating sites.

Beyond the biggies like e Harmony, Match, Plenty of Fish and OKCupid, there are niche dating sites that cater to just about any social subset you may be a part of - some even cater to married folks.

Just like you’re thinking about yourself and your own social concerns, other people are thinking about themselves. So stop wasting time worrying about what others think of you.

Many other people feel just as awkward and nervous as you do. Your negative self-evaluations don’t necessarily reflect reality.

They’re things we learn over time—and the good news is that you can learn them, too.

Whatever your age or situation, you can learn to overcome shyness or social awkwardness, banish loneliness, and enjoy strong, fulfilling friendships.When you're socially anxious, it can seem that everyone else is an extrovert brimming with self-confidence. Some people are better at hiding it than others, but there are many introverted people out there struggling with the same self-doubts as you are. If you find self-compassion difficult, try to look at your own mistakes as you would those of a friend. In fact, they probably don’t, especially if you 1) call yourself names, such as “pathetic,” “worthless,” “stupid,” etc., 2) beat yourself up with all the things you “should” or “shouldn’t” have done, or 3) make sweeping generalizations based on a specific event.The next person you speak to is just as likely to be worried about what you think of them! So what about the embarrassment in the moment when you say or do the wrong thing? You’re sure that everyone will whisper about it and judge you. When you realize that social mistakes don’t have to be devastating, it’s a lot easier to put yourself out there. For example, if something didn’t go as planned, you tell yourself that you’ll never get things right, you’re a failure, or you always screw up.Rather than take your chances with strangers in a bar, you can rest assured that because you were matched based on something, you have at least one thing in common.The term "success" as applied to dating means different things to different people.Some see marriage as the ultimate goal, while others just want to expand their social circle and go on some fun dates.